About Us

Luxware is a Danish company established in the winter of 2020. Luxware was founded with the idea of combining the aesthetic, beautiful, raw, and modern elements into a crystal chandelier that complements the Nordic minimalist style characterized by clear lines, as found in Scandinavia. Hence, the name "Luxware" - modern chandeliers for the contemporary Nordic home.

With a focus on chandeliers, Luxware is one of the leading suppliers in the UK offering an online universe of crystals, a fact that we take great pride in. At Luxware, we have our own carefully selected manufacturer with whom we exclusively collaborate. Therefore, you will find only the original Luxware chandeliers here on our website.

At Luxware, our specialization lies solely in crystals and lighting. We source, sell, design, and facilitate custom productions of fashionable crystal chandeliers and lamps.

Our vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of chandeliers and crystal lamps in the UK, ensuring that we consistently provide the latest and most fashionable designs of exclusive crystal chandeliers in high quality and at the right price.

The core values of Luxware are quality and exclusivity. Therefore, our crystal lamps and crystal chandeliers are made from high-quality crystals, with the crystal coating being handmade. As a result, the crystals exhibit a penetrating light reflection, where the prisms in the crystals create the most beautiful play of light and illumination when the light is turned on. This is a common feature of all our extravagant crystal chandeliers.

The quality of our products also entails that all our lamps are CE certified, meeting the approved EU standards for the sale and production of lamps.

In addition to quality, we also place a strong emphasis on excellent customer service and ensuring a positive experience when you purchase a chandelier or lamp from us. Therefore, we have a service technician in our company ready to assist if, contrary to expectations, there is any issue with the lamp.

We look forward to assisting in embellishing your UK home with exclusive crystals.