FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes good kitchenware?

When looking for good kitchenware you want a durable, scratch-resistant material that heats well and is easy to clean. Cast iron kitchenware is not only durable but will work on any kitchen hob type. Good kitchenware also comes with excellent non-stick properties.

What is the best kind of dinnerware?

Dinnerware is available in different materials, styles, and a number of pieces. The best kind will depend on the occasion and personal taste. For formal dinnerware, you should look for a set made from porcelain. For more casual dinnerware, choose a stoneware set.

Will luxury lighting improve my home?

Using luxury lighting is a simple way to transform your home and make it feel instantly more glamorous. The ultimate in luxury lighting is the chandelier. Luxware Ltd stocks a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs such as the 1-Tier , the 5-Tier Smoke K9 Crystal, and the 2-layered clear K9 Crystal chandelier.

What is the difference between a chandelier and a light fixture?

A light fixture is an electrical device containing an electric lamp and can contain a fixture with more than one lamp. A chandelier light is suspended from the ceiling with multiple light bulbs that are incorporated into a single light fixture. Luxware Ltd stocks a variety of chandelier lights such as the 1-Tier , the 5-Tier Smoke K9 Crystal, and the 2-layered clear K9 Crystal chandelier.

What types of pots and pans are the best?

The best pots and pans are made from durable, long lasting materials. Cast iron pots and pans such as a casserole dish or  Dutch Oven will retain heat and are perfect for long slow, even cooking. Pots and pans with excellent non-stick properties also help use less oil and are easier to clean.

When should I use a non-stick pan?

A non-stick pan should be used for delicate foods that are best cooked over a medium to low heat setting. Eggs are the main food that should be cooked in a non-stick pan so it is useful to have an omelette pan or a good non-stick pan that can be used for frying eggs or cooking pancakes.

What is the difference between a coffee and tea set?

There are several differences between a coffee and tea set. A coffee pot is taller and narrower, while the teapot in a tea set will be a rounder shape. There are also a number of differences between teacups and coffee cups. The coffee cup is designed to keep coffee hot, whereas a teacup is designed to elegantly cool down the hot liquid to a pleasing drinking temperature. Traditional teacups are designed to be purchased as part of a tea set. A typical tea set will contain multiple cups and saucers as well as a sugar bowl, cream jug, or teaspoons.

What are serving dishes used for?

Serving dishes are a type of dinnerware that is used to present and serve food at the table. There are many different types of serving dishes as they have different functions. Serving dishes for main meals such as fish or meat tend to be wide and flat for easy serving. Oven serving dishes such as baking dishes have handles to transport them hot from the oven to the table. For desserts or cakes, serving dishes tend to be more decorative to display the sweet before it is served.

How long do vacuum flasks keep drinks hot?

Vacuum flasks can keep drinks hot for at least 6 hours and potentially for a whole day. Depending on the size of the vacuum flask, the liquid will definitely be hot after the first few hours and then there will be a gradual slow cooling down to a lukewarm temperature after approximately 12 hours. Vacuum flasks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your need.

Do glass teapots break easily?

While glass teapots are visually stunning, they are less durable than their metal or bone china counterparts. Glass teapots that are made of borosilicate glass are more durable and long-lasting than other glass teapots.  Borosilicate glass makes glass teapots that are less likely to crack under the heat pressure from hot liquid. 

Other glass teapots are made from tempered glass which is toughened using chemical treatment stopping it from breaking as easily. Glass teapots can also be designed using a double wall, featuring two layers of glass that create an insulating layer. Double-wall glass teapots tend to keep tea hotter for longer than single wall glass teapots.

What is included in a knives set?

A good knives set will include at least three to six knives. Traditionally, a knives set will have six knives such as a meat knife or peeler knife. A knives set may come in a block or as individually wrapped knives. Most home chefs will only use three knives in their cooking: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife.  The chef’s knife has a curved blade that will allow you to chop, slice, dice, and mince your food. The paring knife has a straighter and shorter blade which makes it good for peeling or chopping vegetables. A serrated knife is traditionally used for bread but can also be used for any chopping where your knife needs to grip the skin such as tomatoes, sausages, or oranges.

What are the most common kitchen utensils?

Anyone cooking in the kitchen will need kitchen utensils. The most common kitchen utensils are knives as chopping or slicing is one of key tasks that you will need to do if you are making a meal. Other common kitchen utensils include measuring spoons or cups, wooden spoons, peelers, whisks, spatulas and scissors.

What material should my cookware set be?

If you are purchasing a cookware set, you need to make sure that it is made from durable, long lasting materials. A stainless steel cookware set is highly durable and easy to clean whereas a cast iron cookware set such as a casserole dish or  Dutch Oven will retain heat and is perfect for long, slow, even cooking. A cookware set with excellent non-stick properties will also help use less oil and will be easier to clean.

How do induction teapots work?

Induction teapots are teapots that work on induction hobs. Induction teapots must have a base that is made of a magnetic material as the magnetic materials support the magnetic fields that heats the water in the kettle. Induction teapots must have good thermal conductivity so while stainless steel teapots may look good there is a risk that they will not be able to be heated by induction.

What is included in a luxury dinner set?

A luxury dinner set may contain up to 60 pieces of dinnerware. A typical luxury dinner set should include 12 serving plates, 12 pit plates, 12 cake plates, 12 soup bowls, small boat plates, large boat plates, salt, and pepper shakers as well as a soup bowl and a lid. Luxury dinner sets will usually be made out of porcelain or bone china and will be elegantly decorated. However, a luxury dinner set can be made from other materials such as pearl or glass.