1. Q: Do you offer international shipping?

    • A: Currently, Luxware ships to the entire Europe because we have a branch in Denmark as well.

  2. Q: Can I clean and maintain my Luxware crystal chandelier easily?

    • A: Yes, maintaining your Luxware crystal chandelier is easy. Simply use a soft, dry velvet cloth for cleaning and crystal cleanser.
  3. Q: Are replacement parts available for Luxware chandeliers?

    • A: Yes, Luxware provides replacement parts such as crystals or bulbs. Contact our customer support for assistance with ordering specific parts.

  4. Q: What types of crystals are used in Luxware chandeliers?

    • A: Luxware uses high-quality K9 crystals, carefully chosen for their origin and brilliance, creating a stunning light reflection in our crystal chandeliers.

  5. Q: Are Luxware crystal chandeliers suitable for outdoor use?

    • A: Luxware crystal chandeliers are designed for indoor use. Please avoid outdoor installations to preserve the integrity of the product.

  6. Q: What is the energy efficiency of Luxware crystal lamps?

    • A: Luxware crystal lamps are designed with energy efficiency in mind, providing both beautiful illumination and energy savings. Check individual product specifications for details.

  7. Q: How can I install my Luxware crystal chandelier?

    • A: Luxware provides installation guidelines with each product. For a professional installation, we recommend hiring a certified electrician.

  8. Q: Do Luxware products come with a warranty or guarantee?

    • A: Yes, Luxware products come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Please refer to our warranty information for specific details.

  9. Q: What payment methods does Luxware accept?

    • A: Luxware accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and secure online payment options. Visit our checkout page for a full list.

  10. Q: How do I contact Luxware customer support?

    • A: Contact our customer support team via email at customerservice@luxware.co.uk or by chat. We're here to assist you.

  11. Q: Can I track my order once it has been shipped?

    • A: Yes, you can track your order by logging into your Luxware account. We will also provide tracking information via email once your order has been dispatched.

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