Calorya Soft Heat Diffuser N°8

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One of our latest creations with fairy patterns, Calorya N ° 8 is equipped with a dimmer to adjust the diffusion temperature and the brightness of the lamp.

 The minimum and maximum temperature are studied to activate the diffusion of the different solutions.

- The minimum temperature is ideal for activating the diffusion of essential oils without overheating them in order to avoid damaging them. Do not forget to add water to the cup for the diffusion of essential oils.

- Intermediate temperature is suitable for other scent solutions like perfume extract, cologne etc.

- The maximum temperature melts the scented waxes in 5 minutes to release all the scents.


The removable cover makes it easy to clean and change the scent. Not to mention that it also creates nearby light projections for a stunning visual rendering.

The strong points :

 -Easy to use.

-Double function: diffuser and mood lamp.

-Beautiful finishes.

-Adjustable temperature.

-Easy maintenance.


  • Diamètre : 9,5 x 15 cm
  • Material : Céramic.
  • Content : diffuser.
  • Manual : french, english, spanish, italian and german.
  • Weight : 0,55 Kg.

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