Helios Enduro Stainless Steel Vacuum 2 Liters Flask

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Helios Enduro Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask


The Helios Enduro stainless steel vacuum jug is a companion for every day. Whether in the office, on the coffee table, for breakfast in the hotel or at home. The 2 liters flask is adapted perfectly to every challenge in everyday life. The slightly slanted handle is comfortable to hold and makes it easy to fill the cups with coffee or tea.

Thanks to the construction of double-walled stainless steel, the jug keeps the filled drinks hot or cold for hours. We give you a 5-year guarantee on this.

The thermos flask is cleaned by hand. An additional use of Helios cleaning tabs leads to a clean result.

Made in Germany

Cup count - 16 A full pot makes about 16 cups.
Pot height including lid - 28.0 cm The height of the vacuum jug with lid is 28.0 cm.
Keep warm after 6h - 78 °C Keeping warm after 6 hours according to DIN EN 12546-1 - 78°
Filling hole diameter - 50 mm The diameter of the filling opening is 50 mm.
shatterproof The pot is unbreakable.
guarantee Warm-keeping guarantee

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