Fragrance Burner - Birdy White

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Naturéa Series Fragrance Burner - Birdy White

The Birdy Incense Burner is part of our Naturéa range which combines natural materials such as bamboo and ceramic. Each incense burner is handcrafted to offer you an authentic product that combines efficiency with simplicity.

The Birdy is cleverly designed. Its body acts as a reservoir with a capacity of more than 50 ml, perfectly suited for your waxes, scented fondants, scents, essential oils or other scented solutions.

Tip: Ideal for gently heating massage oils. Its tail is designed as a "guide", the bird is removable in order to better pour the contents and can therefore be cleaned easily.

This diffusion process is one of the oldest but is still very much appreciated by consumers who love its warm and decorative side that we highlight with natural materials. .

Our incense burners must be used with tealight candles with a diameter of 4 cm and a burning time of 4 hours maximum. The candle must meet the standards in force. Also be sure to follow the safety instructions indicated on the spark plug.

The Product:
- In lacquered ceramic and Bamboo.
- Authentic design.
- Homemade.
- Capacity: 55 ml.
- Removable ceramic bird and cup.


Length 11 cm
Width 7.50 cm
Height 16.50 cm
Weight 400 grams

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