Handmade Glass Straws Set of 4 - Curved

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Plastic is no longer of this time. Go stylish and be sustainable at the same time with our sample set!

" As if it couldn't be more stylish! You drink in style with a glass straw. You brighten up your colourful cocktail with a colourful glass straw. While you slurp slowly, you can see the drink going into your mouth through the straw.. Delicious! !"

They come in different colours and sizes, so they can be used in all your glasses. Make your friends jealous with these shiners!

⚫  Dishwasher safe . After you have drunk your delicious cocktail or smoothie, simply put it in the dishwasher. They always clean well and you can easily see this because of the transparency.

⚫  Reusable . The glass straws can be reused, just like the glasses in your kitchen cupboard!

⚫  'Wow!' - Factor . These straws are only suitable for people who want to liven up their drinks. You will definitely get comments from your friends about it, so be prepared for this!

⚫Extremely Strong Glass. These glass straws are made of borosilicate glass, which is one of the strongest types of glass in the world. So you can safely bite the straw without having to worry about it breaking. Whether biting on a piece of glass is fine is another story.


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