Beem Teapot With Strainer 1L

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  • Generous capacity: for the moment of enjoyment alone or with friends. In the 1 litre glass jug with integrated stainless steel strainer with lifting function, up to 8 cups of tea can be prepared and served in style.
  • Comfortable handling: after the appropriate brewing time, the tea strainer can be lifted up and fixed – for an optimal taste result without unnecessary tightening, especially for sensitive teas, such as green tea or black tea.
  • Heat resistant and robust: the jug is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, making it particularly robust and suitable for hot as well as iced tea. It can also be used on a warmer.
  • Puristic design: a modern combination of glass, stainless steel and bamboo makes this jug a stylish eye-catcher in your kitchen or in the tea time with friends.
  • Easy to clean and use: the removable sieve insert makes it easier to clean under the tap, but also to fill with loose tea or fresh ginger, sage or mint


BEEM Teapot

Glass jug with sieve insert.

Classic tea enjoyment in the modern way: In the extra large BEEM tea pot with tea strainer, 1 litre can not only be tea in the bag, but above all loose tea or fresh ingredients such as ginger, sage or mint directly in the pot.

Up to 8 cups can be prepared in the jug and served stylishly - ideal for enjoying the great moment with friends.

The Beem teapot also impresses visually in a minimalist and modern design. Glass jug, stainless steel lid and bamboo knob - an attractive combination.

Typical BEEM

  • XL capacity for 1 litre or 8 cups of favourite tea.
  • Easy to use: Tea strainer can be fixed at the top, no tightening.
  • Heat-resistant borosilicate glass, can be used on a warmer
  • Elegant design made of glass, stainless steel and bamboo.
  • Easy to clean and use thanks to the removable tea strainer.


The BEEM CLASSIC SELECTION is entirely in the sign of manual preparation, where your coffee or tea is real handmade. With durable materials, a clear design language and user-friendly design, the enjoyment experience is perfect. Optimal tempered water, the appropriate roast as well as a lot of sensitivity when choosing the grinding degree and brewing time make the cup of coffee or tea the moment of deceleration. The BEEM CLASSIC SELECTION: made for connoisseurs – for joy in preparation.

Easy tea preparation.

Simply fill the strainer with tea leaves or other fresh tea ingredients, pour over with hot water and let it steep in the pot depending on the type of tea.

Heat resistant.

The jug is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and therefore particularly robust. Boiling hot tea can be prepared in it as well as iced tea.

Optimal aroma.

The sieve can be simply pulled upwards on the knob and locked with the rod.

The tea can no longer pull - for an optimal aroma.




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