Samura Bamboo Paring Knife 8 cm

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Samura Bamboo Paring Knife 8 cm

The Samurai blade edge has gone down in history as one of the sharpest in human history. Samura have this tradition deeply embedded into their DNA. Launched in 2003 they worked closely with MAC and Mcusta to formulate their ideas to create some of the most impressive chefs and kitchen knives the world has ever seen. Samura use the finest Swedish and Japanese steels hardened to 58-60 on the Rockwell scale in combination with a traditional Japanese shape and fine taper from the spine, which enhances their unrivalled cutting performance.

The Samura Bamboo Paring knife is considered the smallest of all kitchen knives when it comes to size, but by no means in terms of significance. It is one of the most demanded knives and has become an indispensable element of the classic "cook's threesome". It is designed for peeling and slicing small vegetables and fruits, and its short narrow blade is able to cope splendidly well with this task. With a very light (only 50 grams), compact and ergonomic non-slip oval handle, the vegetable knife is maximally adapted even for quite a lengthy manipulation.

Width: 10.00 (cm)
Height: 10.00 (cm)
Depth: 30.00 (cm)

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