Homend Royaltea 1711h Inox Black Tea Maker

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Homend Royaltea 1711h Inox Black Tea Maker

You just add the water,  let your Royaltea brew  your tea, when you brew it.  Let it notify you with an audible warning. 

Enjoy the comfort of Royaltea which brews your tea automatically, add water and tea to its reservoir, and leave the rest to it.

Healthy and Delicious Tea Enjoyment with Distillation Technique

Brewed by the distillation technique with Çaysever Robotea, the freshness and enjoyment of the tea last much longer. The leaves of the tea that Robotea brews at 90 degrees, which is the ideal brewing temperature, do not burn. In this way, your tea will be both healthier and more delicious.

Informing by Speaking at Every Stage

Çaysever Robotea notifies the user loudly at all stages of boiling water and brewing.

Fresh Tea for 60 Minutes

Brewed with Robotea tea, your tea stays fresh for 60 minutes. When the tea is brewed, the green light, which is the color of freshness, lights up in addition to the audible warning. When its freshness is lost, the light turns red.

Provides Water at Different Temperatures at the Touch of a Button

Tea lover Robotea doesn't just brew tea. With the boiling button on its body, it can boil water at 100 degrees and be used as a kettle. With the bottle button, it heats the water at 40 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for baby food.


With the special distillation technique, your tea is now tastier, 15 minutes after the water transfer to the teapot, it brews the tea and informs you that the tea has been brewed with an audible warning.
It prepares healthy tea with max 90 degrees water without burning the tea,
allows you to follow the freshness of the tea with its freshness indicator and preserves the freshness of the tea for 60 minutes. 
It informs with an audio warning system at every stage. 
Boiling water and preparing food water with a power of 2500 Watt.
220-240V 50-60Hz
0.8 Liter capacity glass teapot, 1.5 Liter capacity reservoir.

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