Jumbo Moment 7 Pieces Granite Cookware Set

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"A unique set for high-strength gourmet sets ... The Stone series captivates with its special outer coating that is heat-resistant up to 250 degrees. The brown parts that stand out on the lids and handles add a stylish look to the grey surfaces.  

Jumbo Moment 7 Piece Granite Cookware Set

Set Content

20 cm Pot + Lid
24 cm Pot + Lid
26 cm Low Pot + Lid
26 cm Pan


Interior Durable Granite coating The
most important feature is the body thickness and aluminum alloy.
It is harder and more resistant to impacts.
It has the ability to cook food deeply.
Suitable for using metal spoons.
Hand washing is recommended.
There is a 2-year non-stick guarantee.
Suitable for induction cookers.

Inner Coating
Inner coating surface is rough and hard, its non-stick feature is much higher than flat floors.
The 3-layer Greblon C3 granite coating is highly non-stick and resistant to scratches compared to normal coatings.

Outer Coating It
is a special outer coating that is heat resistant up to 250 degrees. It can be cleaned easily.

Thanks to the special glass cover with silicone frame, it is airtight and provides faster and economical cooking by keeping the heat.
It is safe during cooking.
It is more resistant to breakage.

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