Jumbo Procook Black Light Gray Stainless Steel 6 Lt Pressure Cooker

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High quality stainless steel body and lid Lid with
improved air-tight safety system
Rotation-open unclampless lid system
2-stage cooking setting
Safety system that prevents opening the lid during cooking
Heat-resistant handle and upper body
Pressure cooker, heat and pressure sensitive safety system compared to other cooking group products saves time and energy.
Read the user manual of your pressure cooker carefully and keep it as you will refer again later.
The flame diameter of the stove where you put your pot should not be larger than the diameter of the pot base. If you are using ceramic, glass or induction hobs, make sure the bottom of the pot is clean and dry.
Do not touch hot surfaces while using. Handle only by the handles. Never use your pressure cooker without water. It should contain at least (200 ml) 1 water glass or liquid. Otherwise, you may damage your pot.
Do not try to open your cooker before it is completely cooled and the pressure in it is completely relieved. Your pressure cooker equipped with a safety system will not allow this anyway.
It is suitable for use in all stove types including induction.

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