KARACA Biogranitech 24 CM Pot

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"The depth, size and main material of the pots used to prepare delicious meals are very important. Karaca Bio Granitech 24 cm Saucepan can be used for juicy vegetables, meat, legumes and soups. can also be used.
The taste of juicy vegetable and meat dishes is different in casserole. Today, the widespread opinion that earthen casseroles are harmful has searched for different alternatives to prepare dishes of similar taste. Among these alternatives, biogranite is the most used ones. With the 24 cm wide Karaca Bio Granitech deep pot, delicious meat and vegetable dishes can be prepared like casseroles. It saves heat during the preparation phase of the meals and helps them to cook in a shorter time. Its transparent cover allows easy control of whether the food is cooked or not. 
How To Clean
Biogranit pots and pans are delicate inside. For this reason, it should never be rubbed with wire or similar hard cleaning materials during the cleaning phase. Its outer surface does not stain easily. For this, it can be easily cleaned by hand instead of a dishwasher. "


Karaca Bio Granitech 24 cm Casserole


Stain-free outer surface
Non-flammable interior coating providing maximum non-stickiness
Easy to use Stylish, non-burning handles
Maximum time and energy saving

Guaranteed for 2 Years.

It is not suitable for use in induction stoves.

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