Karaca Çaysever Robotea Chrome Tea Maker

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Karaca Çaysever Robotea Chrome Teapot Plus Kettle

Just add water. Let ROBOTEA brew your tea and when it's ready let it tell you by saying "I've made your tea. Now relax and enjoy it!" and let you know.

Enjoy the comfort that the Çaysever Robotea gives you as it brews tea for you. Just add tea and water to the kettle unit and leave it.

The Pleasure of Healthy and Delicious Tea Thanks to the Distillation Technique.

The freshness and pleasure of the tea brewed with the distillation technique with Çaysever Robotea lasts much longer. With the innovative Çaysever Robotea distillation method you enjoy the pleasure of freshly brewed tea for even longer.

At 90 degrees, the temperature which is ideal for brewing tea with Robotea, the tea  leaves never get burnt. In this wat your tea stays both healthy and delicious.

Informing by Speaking at Every Stage

Speaking to inform you at every stage of the process Çaysever Robotea  The Çaysever Robotea speaks to inform the user about when the water is boiling and the tea is brewing.

Fresh tea for 60 minutes

Your tea brewed with Robotea stays fresh for 60 minutes
When your tea is brewed, as well as speaking to tell you its ready, a green light comes on.  When the tea loses its freshness this light turns green.

With the touch of different buttons you can get water at different temperatures

By pressing the 'Boil' button on the main body unit of the machine water is heated to a temperature of 100 degrees. In this way the machine can be used as a kettle.

By pressing the 'Baby Bottle' button the water is kept at a temperature of 40 degrees, perfect for the preparation of baby food


With its special distillation system, your tea tastes even better!

After water completely flows to the teapot, the tea brews within 15 minutes and the machine speaks to tell you the tea is ready.
The machine prepares healthy tea, heating the water to a maximum temperature of 90 degrees without burning the tea.
A tea freshness indicator allows the user to check the freshness of the tea and the machine keeps the tea hot for a duration of 60 minutes.
At each stage of the process the machine speaks to inform the user.
2500 Watt power, boils water and heats water for baby food/milk-220-240V 50-60HZ

0.8 litre glass teapot, 1.5 litre kettle/water-heater unit.

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