Karaca Fine Pearl Pearl Gold Magic 41 Piece Tea Set for 12 persons

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"Karaca 41 Piece Tea Set Have you met Fine Pearl Gold Magic Krc102altn? You can serve your guests with peace of mind with this tea set, which has gold-colored engravings and details on bright silver color. It is a set for 12 people and is ideal for crowded tea services. Sugar bowl and sugar tongs are also included in the set. Golden pattern embroidery on the glass glasses creates an aesthetic appearance. It is a product that can be purchased as a dowry and can be used for special guests. It is very easy to clean by hand and maintains its bright color for a long time after washing. You can check our Tea Set category for all our other special products like Karaca 41 Piece Tea Set Fine Pearl Gold Magic Krc102altn .


Karaca Fine Pearl Pearl Gold Magic 41 Piece Tea Set

Hand washing is recommended for long-lasting gilding details.

Set Content

  • 12 Tea Glasses
  • Under 12 Tea Glasses
  • 12 Pieces of Teaspoons
  • 1 Tea Tray
  • 1 Piece Sugar Bowl + Cover (2 Pieces)
  • 1 Piece of Sugar Tong
  • 1 Napkin Holder

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