Karaca Hatır Plus Mod 5 in 1 Coffee And Tea Maker Black Copper

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Karaca Hatır Plus Mod 5 in 1 Coffee And Tea Maker Black Copper

Discover Hatır Plus Mod that prepares your coffee according to your mood!

Your machine, which has the capacity to prepare 10 cups of beverage at a time, is the first and only in the world with the ability to simultaneously prepare Turkish coffee with the taste of embers and a drink with milk while brewing filter coffee or tea! Hatır Plus Mod, designed to taste different flavors at different times of the day and to easily prepare treats for your whole family and guests, is now as versatile as you.

5 Different Drinks According to Your Mode

With Karaca Hatır Plus Mod, you can make filter coffee, tea, milk heating, milk drink preparation and roasted Turkish coffee according to your mood.

10 Cup Beverage Capacity

You can brew 5 cups of filter coffee or tea in the glass teapot of Karaca Hatır Plus Mod, and simultaneously cook 5 cups of Turkish Coffee on Roasted or prepare milky drinks in the coffee pot.

Two Different Drinks at the Same Time

You can prepare Turkish coffee or milky drinks simultaneously with the Hatır Plus Mode, where you can brew tea in addition to filter coffee in the filter coffee chamber. When brewing tea, use the special tea brewing filter in the carafe.

Aroma Setting

              With the aroma setting of the Hatır Plus Mod, you can increase the flavor of the filter coffee and enjoy the coffee according to your taste.                      

Hatır Plus Mod has 1385 Watts of power.

   Turkish Coffee mode of Hatır Plus Mod has 735 Watt power.

   The filter coffee mode of Hatır Plus Mod has 600 Watts of power.

Filter / Tea brewing water tank capacity 750 ml

The 750 ml of Hatır Plus Mod, where you can brew tea in the filter coffee chamber, if you wish. With its capacity, you can enjoy filter coffee and tea longer.

The product is guaranteed for 2 years.

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