Karaca Fine Pearl Mariposa 41 pieces Tea Set

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"Karaca 41 Piece Tea Set Fine Pearl Mariposa makes crowded tea services very stylish now ... It consists of a 12-person tea glass, a plate, a spoon, a sugar bowl, a tongs and a tray. It has a light grayish color tone. Except for tea glasses, all other service elements are made of the same shiny material. It can be used to host crowded guests.It ensures that all the necessary equipment for tea service is in harmony. If you like this tea set and decide to buy it, you can visit our Tea Coffee Cake Sets category for appropriate cake and cake services . "

- 12 Tea Glasses
- 12 Plates
- 12 Pieces of Teaspoons
- 1 Tea Tray (Size: 48x31 cm)
- 1 Sugar Bowl + Cover (2 Pieces)
- 1 Sugar Tongs
- 1 Napkin Holder

Material: Stainless Steel

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