Karaca Peacock 8 pieces Espresso/Turkish Coffee Cups for 4 persons

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"The Karaca Peacock Coffee Cup with 4 Peacocks dazzles with its wonderful colours... The 4-person coffee cup set, inspired by the eye-catching tail of the peacock, will be very popular with those who do not like classicism. The cup base has bright colours peacock feather patterns on its dark green main colour The main colour of the coffee cups is dark green, with a colourful peacock feather pattern on one side, and the figure of this noble bird on the other side. The handles of the cups are yellow-gold colour. This colour has made the dark green main colour more pronounced and prominent."

Karaca Peacock Set of 4 Peacock Espresso/Turkish Coffee Cups

Set Content

  • 4 Espresso/Turkish Coffee Cups 90 ml(Approx.)
  • 4 Pieces Saucer

Material:  Porcelain

It is recommended to hand wash.

Enjoy coffee with every sip with KARACA cups! 
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for:

75-90 ml  Espresso/Turkish Coffee

90-120 ml  Filter Coffee,

140-160 ml  Double Turkish Coffee  

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