Karaca Wild Rose Room And Laundry Perfume

Karaca Wild Rose Room And Laundry Perfume

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"The opening of the Citrus Family, accompanying the top notes that make up the exquisite spread of Karaca Wild Rose Room and Laundry Spray, is made with Lemon. Herbalist notes dance harmoniously in the environment by mixing with the pungent smell of lemon. It captures the legendary harmony by mixing with the breezes. Fruity touches of pine trees and Mask complement the footnotes, while the exquisite scent of Wild Rose that attracts everyone is thus completed.


Karaca Wild Rose Room And Laundry Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Citrus, Lemon, Herbal Notes, Green Leaves.  
Middle Note: Floral Notes, Mimosa, Pink and White Roses, Orris.  
Base Note: Pine, Wood, Fruity Notes, Mask.

Volume: 300 ml

Usage Suggestion: You can use it to change the air of your room, to make it smell better. To spray, open the safety cap of the bottle. Spray at least for the first use. With each use, hold the spray bottle upright and squeeze strongly. 

Ingredients:   Ethanol (Cas no: 64-17-5), Water, Fragrance; Hydrogenated Castor Oyl (Cas No: 8001-78-3), Geraniol (Cas No: 106-24-1), Hexyl Cinnamal (Cas No: 101-86-0), Citral (Cas No: 5392-40-5) , Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Cas No: 80-54-6), Linalool (Cas No: 78-70-6), Benzyl Alcohol (Cas No: 100-51-6), Limonene (Cas No: 5989-27-5 ), Benzyl Benzoate (Cas No: 120-51-4).

KARACA Wild Rose / Room and Laundry Spray Production Features
Karaca Wild Rose Room and Laundry Spray; Especially rose breezes
will be the first choice of those who love fresh and lasting  fragrances. The
perfect harmony of the specially  designed perfumed essence in the environment and the exquisite fragrance spreading
is a very important element that makes the product  indispensable. The essence quality has been maximized by using 1st Class Ethanol in the product, and a very good balance has been achieved at the level of odor performance targeted by the users. The high level of spreading rate of Wild Rose to the environment is the most important feature that distinguishes the product from its counterparts.