EDZARD Jug carafe Robert, hand-blown crystal glass with platinum rim

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EDZARD Jug Carafe Robert, Hand-Blown Crystal Glass With Platinum Rim

Product advantages at a glance

  • Hand-blown crystal glass water carafe
  • Capacity of the jug 1l
  • Carafe in a noble design
  • Ideally suited as a water or juice carafe
  •  Height 20 cm

Shiny jugs are truly all-rounders. Whether water, cold drinks, hot drinks or simply as decoration, jugs unconditionally fulfill their purpose. In the southern countries, jugs are traditionally found on every table as a welcome drink and everyone gives themselves in if necessary. With a few cold ice cubes and sweet lemon slices, a tasty and cooling summer drink is always created. Whether on the covered breakfast table, in the garden while grilling or as a beautiful eye-catcher, jugs are simply practical and captivate with their simplicity. We have a selection of heavy silver-plated jugs (with the QualiPlated silver seal) that can be used practically or as a beautiful decoration. 

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