Olympia Round Pan 30cm

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Line HARD COOK , strong as stone, 100% Made in Italy. 

  • Multiuser cooking plate in die-cast aluminum with non-stick coating. Ideal for cooking vegetables, fish, meat and eggs without fat. Thanks to the absence of the walls it is perfect for cooking piadina and crepes.
  • Die casting, production by hot melting of aluminum ingots.
    This technology makes it possible to produce cookware with differentiated thicknesses, i.e. higher where necessary, for example on the bottom, to obtain perfect heat distribution, saving energy and having perfect cooking. Die-casting is the only production technology that allows to obtain one-piece aluminum handles, one with the pot body, indestructible and also usable in the oven. (we recommend using pot holders to avoid getting burned)There finishing post-molding is treated with artisan care, with machine passages and hand-finished details, which give the product the value and exclusivity typical of artisan products.
  • High resistance and maximum non-stick.

    The coating is multi-layered non-stick and reinforced with mineral particles, suitable for food contact for healthy cooking without the use of fats.

  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all hubs except induction.
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY

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