RCR LUXION Crystal Dinner Set for 4 people

Sale price£79.99



4 DINNER PLATES 26x26x h 2.1 CM

4 SOUP PLATES 21x21x h 3.8 CM


Net weight





LUXION®. The salient features of LUXION® are brilliance, transparency, workability, hydrolytic resistance and dishwasher-safe: 1) Brilliance: LUXION® is the brightest material in the panorama of sonic glass. The refractive index value of LUXION® is the highest compared to all major competitors. 2) Transparency: LUXION® is an ULTRACLEAR glass, compliant with the European standard ISO / PAS IWA 8: 2009, because it meets with a very large margin both the minimum requirements of absence of color (chromaticity lower than 0.5) and transparency ( internal transmission, over two centimeters, higher than 98.8%): LUXION® is the most transparent sonic glass on the market. These characteristics make it the perfect material for tasting and for the HORECA and hospitality sector, given that LUXION® enhances the organoleptic characteristics and sensory analysis of the drinks it contains, without altering their tastes and flavors in any way. 3) Workability: Unlike less valuable materials, the formulation of LUXION® allows for complex and extreme shapes to be molded, a precious feature for those who produce it but also for the user, who can easily appreciate the results. Furthermore, LUXION® is formulated to be subjected without difficulty to all the second processing cycles normally required, a particularly interesting feature for those who use semi-finished products molded with this material. 4) Hydrolytic resistance and dishwasher safe: The hydrolytic class is an important parameter for a material that must be in contact with food, because it expresses the tendency to release substances, and for this reason it is necessary to belong to a hydrolytic class as high as possible. Furthermore, the higher the hydrolytic resistance, the lower the tendency to surface opacification. LUXION® has a greater resistance to the action of detergents and excellent resistance and stability to dishwasher washing, exceeding the threshold of 1000 real washes without any trace of opacification. LUXION® is also a light and resistant material: the substances from which it derives, such as titanium, quartz and aluminum, and the special thermal process to which it is subjected, give it lightness and resistance, and make it the ideal material for professional catering, sector where it is necessary to have tools with multiple reuses available,

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