ICEBREAKER Pop Ice Cube Tray

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The ICEBREAKER POP is an unique way to make ice cubes. With one twist you can now easily make and serve ice cubes. The ICEBREAKER POP is so unique because of its simplicity. You just have to pull the two handles on the sides to separate the ice.


The ICEBREAKER® POP is completely Hygienic with the new way hands-free serving, no touching the ice. The closed container helps prevent unwanted odors and bacteria’s from reaching your ice


32 mm

Compressed when filling and freezing

87 mm

Expanded when serving

Easy to Use

ICEBREAKER® POP is easy to operate. Just fill it as you would a bottle, freeze and POP! You will be enjoying ice cold drinks in no time.


ICEBREAKER® POP is 100% watertight and spill proof. The closed container prevents water from leaking into your freezer and melt water leaking out on the table or in the picnic basket.

Space Optimal

ICEBREAKER® POP is designed for stacking in the freezer in any position and it is designed for space optimization.

Easy to Transport

You can bring the ICEBREAKER® POP anywhere. Perfect to bring on a picnic, the beach and even serving ice on the terrace. All mess free serving.

Limited Melting

Due to the ICEBREAKER® Pop’s Thermo effect closed container there is limited melting. Even after several hours in room temperature. It is very easy to pour out the melted water to ensure you only get ice in your drinks.

Environmentally Friendly

ICEBREAKER® POP can be reused 1000’s of times, reducing plastic waste. It is therefore more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

BPA Free

ICEBREAKER® POP is made of certified and tested materials only, and therefore completely Phthalate and BPA free.

Dishwasher Friendly

The ICEBREAKER® POP is top rack dish washer safe. All you need to do is easily dissemble it into 3 part and pop it in the dish washer.

No Melt Water

The ICEBREAKER® POP is specially designed to separate melt water and ice. Just close the top half of the POP and pour out the melt water. The ice will stay dry and the melt time reduces drastically.


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