Luxware Polaris Gold 2-tier Clear Crystal Chandelier 96 cm

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Luxware Polaris Gold Clear Crystal Chandelier 96 cm

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An industrial ray of glamour, this incredible chandelier combines vintage industrial style with a modern touch. Its elegant yet masculine shape makes an impression in any room, be it dining room, kitchen, foyer or other.

Luxware 2-tier chandelier features clear K9 crystal prisms and 16 bulbs that illuminate the surroundings magnificently and create an inviting atmosphere. The crystals hang from a base with a black iron finish, in a seamless combination of rawness and refinement.

Add a touch of elegance to your home with the Luxware Panther 2-Tier Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier. You can create the attractive, luxurious atmosphere you've always wanted.

What is K9 crystal

K9 crystal, also known as K9 glass, is an exquisite class of material that highlights its extraordinary optical properties, coatings and aesthetic beauty. When the light penetrates this crystal clear glass, an enchanting effect of light refraction is created, subtly transforming each object into an artistic decoration of unusual elegance.

Processing of K9 crystal primarily involves cutting, polishing and die casting, which involves the use of a crucible.

The most remarkable thing about K9 crystal is its exceptional durability and resistance to damage, which guarantees that products made from this exclusive material retain their beauty and brilliance for many years. K9 crystal meets strict EU standards for optical quality and is proudly classified as "full lead crystal," confirming its unmatched quality and prestige.

Choosing K9 crystal is more than just a material decision; it is an expression of refined tastes and a statement of extraordinary quality. Each object created from K9 crystal is a unique masterpiece that exudes elegance and beauty and will impress and be appreciated by those who receive it.